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Handicap Parking Placard

Handicap Parking Placard

Handicap Parking Placard
Disabled Parking Placard

We listen to our customers and we understand that obtaining a handicap parking placard can be difficult when navigating the DMV.  We strive to reduce your stress, let us handle the DMV for you!

Handicap Placard Requirements

  1. Have your physician complete the Handicap Placard Form Reg 195.
  2. Bring the form and your ID card to the Tag Shop
  3. Your handicap placard will be ready the following day for pickup

We make this process simple, when you skip the line at the Tag Shop.

Lost Handicap Placard Requirements

  1. Complete form Duplicate Handicap Placard Form Reg 156
  2. Bring the form and your ID card to the Tag Shop
  3. Your duplicate handicap parking placard will be ready the following day for pickup


Medical Certifications

  • A licensed medical doctor, personal surgeon, PA, practicing nurse , and a certified nurse are the medical professionals that may sign the Reg 195 Application for Disabled Placard or Plates.
  • A board certified chiropractor can certify the disability if the applicant has lost the use of one or more extremities.
  • A ophthalmologist or optometrist can certify the Re 195 if they specialize in eye disease.

The California DMV does not require the form to be certified if you fall in to one of the categories below:

  • If you have lost a lower extremity or both hands, you just need to appear in peson at the California DMV and fill out  the application for disabled placard or plate form.
  • You are a current holder of a disabled person placard, disabled plates, or a disabled veteran plate.

Categories of Disabled Placards

  • A permanent handicap placard issues to someone who has a permanent disability.
  • A temporary handicap placard issued for temporary disabilities. The fee is $6.00 for the temporary placard
  • Travel handicap placard- Valid for 30 days and is given to a holder of a permanent handicap placard or plate.
  • Non Resident Placard- This is for non-residents who are visiting California, valid for 90 days.


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